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10 of the Best Podcasts for Family Caregivers

You may not know anyone in your real life who understands the experiences, emotions, and day-to-day struggle of family caregiving. If that sounds like you, you may find solace in the stories told on these inspiring, supportive, funny, understanding, and empathetic podcast options below. Let’s dive in.

Spotlight on Care: Alzheimer's Caregiving

Spotlight on Care is a podcast dedicated to bringing you stories, experiences, tips, and advice centered around caring for loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Spotlight on Care is brought to life by the University of California, Irvine Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders, UCI MIND. If you're seeking valuable insights and support for Alzheimer's caregiving, this podcast can be your go-to resource.

Daughterhood The Podcast

Join Rosanne Corcoran as she guides you through caregiving. Rosanne shares her journey as the primary caregiver for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alongside experts in elder care, she delves into critical subjects like grief, elder law, Medicare, and the often-neglected importance of self-care. With every episode, Rosanne empowers caregivers, equipping them with knowledge and insights to navigate the caregiving terrain more effectively.

Happy Healthy Caregiver

Elizabeth Miller, a certified caregiving consultant, understands the importance of your well-being. In this podcast, Elizabeth and fellow caregivers share stories, wisdom, and advice. Listening to real-life challenges and triumphs will help you find ways to balance caregiving with your own health and happiness.

AlzAuthors: Untangling Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Step into dementia caregiving with Marianne Sciucco, a former caregiver and registered nurse. Her podcast shines a light on a community of more than 300 authors who write to support fellow dementia caregivers. Each episode offers an intimate look at an author’s unique journey and the insights they've gathered over the years. Listening to authors share their journeys and insights will offer you comfort and a sense of connection to your experience, reinforcing the idea that no matter how it feels, you’re never alone.

Parenting UP! Caregiving Adventures with Comedian J Smiles

In Parenting UP!, comedian J Smiles shares her journey of role reversal in caregiving for her mother with Alzheimer's. When caregiving for her mother unexpectedly took center stage in her life, she adapted as she could with grace and humor.

Joining her storytelling journey will provide you with camaraderie, a few giggles, and inspiration.

Love Your Caregiving Life

Charlotte Bayala, a caregiver for her husband with thyroid cancer, spotlights the positive side of caregiving. Listening to relatable stories that showcase caregiving’s brighter moments will give you solace, strength, and a renewed appreciation for the caregiving experience.

Better Health While Aging

Dr. Leslie Kernisan, a geriatrician, addresses seniors' health needs and caregivers' concerns. Through discussions, she offers insights for maintaining health. Tuning into this podcast will help you navigate aging confidently with practical guidance.

People with Parents

Leighann Lord, a comedian and author, explores the challenges of “parenting your parents.” Her candid tales capture the essence of caregiving, offering you relatable perspectives on the journey. You’ll find yourself laughing and nodding as she brings you stories that feel familiar to your experience.

The Agewyz Podcast

Jana Panarites, a family caregiver and author, connects caregivers through heartfelt conversations on her podcast. You’ll dive into eldercare topics and find a sense of community among fellow caregivers by tuning into this podcast.

Dave, the Caregiver’s Caregiver

Dave Nassaney, a seasoned spousal caregiver, explores the emotional realm of caregiving with fellow caregivers, experts, and authors. Alongside co-host Adrienne Gruberg, they engage in candid conversations that address burnout, grief, and self-care. Listening to this podcast will give you solace and actionable strategies for your own caregiving journey. It offers a safe space to explore the deeply emotional landscape of caregiving—addressing burnout, grief, and the need for self-care.

Closing Thoughts: Best Podcasts for Caregivers

As we mentioned earlier in this article, it’s all too common that you may not know anyone in your real life who understands the experiences, emotions, and day-to-day struggles of family caregiving. That’s why stories told through books, podcasts, and movies can be so powerful: giving you someone to relate to through this incredibly unique life experience.

Further Reading: 4 Fantastic Books for Caregivers: Our Reading Recommendations

Reading can be a great form of solace for family caregivers. It can offer stories that make you feel joy, understanding, peace, or strength. It can also help you to learn more about the challenges that you may face as a caregiver. So if you are looking for a way to care for yourself while also caring for an elderly loved one, consider picking up a book on our list of recommended books for caregivers.


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