The Caregiver Resource Center (CRC)

is a trusted partner for Orange county families coping with the responsibilities of caregiving

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From consultations and support groups to ongoing education & seminars, we provide caregivers with the resources they need.

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Your gift will help provide caregivers with a much needed break, counseling, consultation and more.

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Family Caregiver Resource Center

Helping families and the community master the challenges of caregiving

The Family Caregiver Resource Center (FCRC) is a trusted partner for Orange County families who are coping with the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities of caregiving. We are a not-for-profit agency therefore our services are FREE to family caregivers.

By providing families with individualized supportive services, FCRC stands apart as the only Orange County agency focusing specifically on the needs of caregivers who are coping with a loved one’s chronic illness. Services include family consultation, assessment, care planning, counseling, referrals for resources, psycho-educational seminars, respite planning and community education.

The Family Caregiver Resource Center provides assistance to caregivers and their families. Caregiving includes caring for me.

Ser cuidador incluye cuidarme a mi mismo. Para mayor información oprima aquí.
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Attention Caregivers:

On behalf of Alzheimer’s Family Services Center, we would like to invite you to be part of a very special project about caregiver education that is being funded through a grant from the Arthur Rupe Foundation.

We are looking for your input, as a caregiver, on the topics that you would be most interested in receiving education on. If you choose to participate, we invite you to complete an online survey which would take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Please click in the following link to view the survey:

Thank you in advance for your participation in this project that, we believe, will help many families in our community on their caregiving journey.

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